Chick Quest

Band Name: Chick Quest

Chick Quest - Copyright by Chick Quest

Chick Quest – Copyright by Chick Quest


Ryan White (vocals/guitar), Iris Rauh (drums), Magdalena Kraev (bass), Marcus Racz (trumpet, keyboard)



Musikrichtung (Stilrichtung), eventuell weitere künstlerische Tätigkeiten:

Spaghetti Western PostPunk
// graphic design, photography, web development


One quarter American, three quarters Austrian. Just trying to make something
interesting and fun to dance to is all, sir. Pretty motivated, motivated to be pretty.
Always active. The singer may or may not be able to sing, depending on where you
dance in the room. Making music at the speed of dying in a car crash tomorrow.
Trying to avoid certain people on the gürtel whose names shall not be mentioned
here. Come back in 5 minutes. Always in search of a lost sock. Maybe our music is
the sock. Wow. Deep.

Bisherige Tonträger:

Ryan White, Iris Rauh, Magdalena Kraev, Marcus Racz - Copyright by Chick Quest

Ryan White, Iris Rauh, Magdalena Kraev, Marcus Racz – Copyright by Chick Quest

Vs. Galore (2015, Album) – Streamen, Download
Model View Controller (2017, Album) – Streamen, Download

Was ich/wir zum Thema Musikbusiness immer schon sagen wollte(n), mich
(uns) aber noch niemand gefragt hat:

You’re not an artist; you’re just a petty doortodoor
merch salesman and lowly socialite. The music business is hardly ever about the music itself.

3 für mich/uns typische (eigene!) Songs:

Explain Yourself to a Bat
Somebody Call a Doctor
Girl on Fire

Mein (eigenes) Lieblingsvideo:

Somebody Call a Doctor

Einige Lieblingsmusiker/Bands:

Talking Heads, Manicured Noise, Enon, Pylon, Radiohead, Violent Femmes, Neu!,
Man Man, David Bowie, David Bowie, Bowie (David), David and/or Bowie

Rapid oder Austria oder Wurscht?:


Wanda oder Bilderbuch?:

lol no thanks

Ambros oder Danzer?:


Tom Waits oder Bob Dylan?:

Harry Nilsson

Studio oder Live?

Studio, unless it’s live in an overcrowded living room with one light bulb. Please
inquire within.


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